9 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts For The Kids

These kid-friendly DIY Valentine’s Day crafts are sure to bring the whole family together. They’re easy, creative, and really fun to make!

Fun DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts Perfect For The Kids!

Every February, I get my beautiful daughter, my son, and hubby together and we make some fun DIY Valentine’s Day crafts. It’s a great way to celebrate family love–and who doesn’t love an excuse to spend quality time with your loved ones? Check out some of the cool Valentine’s Day crafts we’ve made over the years!

Hole Punched Heart

This is such an easy craft where you just need to grab a puncher, heart cutouts, scissors, and red or pink ribbons. Place these hole punched hearts near your window and your home is ready for the love season.

Valentine’s Day Heart Caterpillar

The kids will absolutely love doing this charming heart caterpillar with fun googly eyes. This DIY project will surely give them a good time!

Heart Wind Chimes

This DIY Valentine’s Day project is a bit tricky and requires adult supervision since you need to melt the beads in the oven, but it’s still fun and so pretty as home decorations.Aren’t they adorable? You and the kids can easily make these lil love monsters just by using yarn, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and paper cups. Both kids and kids at heart will adore these cuties.

 Heart With Paper Plate Wings

Here’s a super simple DIY craft for the kids to enjoy making with you and with their friends. Despite being so simple, these winged hearts can spread some love on Valentine’s Day.

Paper Plate Love Birds

These lovebirds are too cute not to make! Although they look detailed, this DIY project is still very easy and fun to make. Your kids will love helping out on this one!

Silly Heart Puppets

Children enjoy seeing puppets so I’m sure they are going to love these Valentine’s Day-themed heart puppets. Make them even happier and more excited by letting them know you need their help to make more of this DIY project.

Glitter Rock Valentines

Your kids will totally rock out with this glitter rock! Small rocks, glue, and colorful glitter are all you need. DIY projects have never been this easy and pretty!

Cardboard Roll Heart Stamp

Kids love stamps, and this is the coolest and cheapest stamp ever! This stamp will make cute heart designs for every Valentine’s card you are going to make.

Valentine’s Day DIY Wall Art

This Valentine’s Day craft is a great way to let your child’s art skills bloom. Who knows, there’s a painter inside them waiting to flourish. Have this framed for instant wall art!

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